Outrageous Authenticity "You Are Your Best Sales Weapon"

Item#: A7019


Are you tired of feeling pressured to sell to everyone in the room all the time? Do you cringe when people stand away from you at cocktail parties after they find out you're in sales?

If that's you, then like many other sales professionals out there, you may need to overhaul the way you think about sales.

Leigh Brown is known as the "No Bullsh*t" Realtor. Her outrageously authentic approach to sales has skyrocketed her into the top three percent of real estate agents in the nation. In Outrageous Authenticity, Brown arms you with the tools you need to:

  • Present a confident image of yourself to the world
  • Use social media effectively to explode your fan and buyer base
  • Boost your sales numbers by understanding your buyers' needs
  • Become a sales magnet by having an opinion and overcoming criticism
  • Brand yourself authentically and consistently for long-term success


Since you let authenticity loose in your life, everything changes. It's time to tear down that old image of what a salesperson is and remake it-your way. Are you ready to be outrageously authentic?