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Finding a qualified Home Inspector is one of the first steps homebuyers make after ratifying a contract on their prospective new home.  There are many aspects or criteria involved when considering the hire of any professional service.  At Anatomy Home Inspection Services, we look to exceed expectations in an effort to build and maintain our own reputation and grow our business in the Washington Metropolitan region.  The American Society of Home Inspectors is one of several national organizations that has worked to build a foundation of expectations and ethical standards for the consumer to rely on when hiring an Inspector.  At Anatomy Home Inspection Services we not only exceed the standards set forth by ASHI while abiding by their code of Ethics, we strive to educate home buyers throughout the inspection process.  We invite clients to stay on our shoulder as we tour their prospective new home, answering any questions they may have about the systems and components of the home.  Discussing routine maintenance items, advising clients on the typical life expectancy of systems and components of the home,  and providing cost to cure guestimates of issue items discovered during the inspection tour.  We encourage clients to solicit a precise estimate from the appropriate contractor on any issue item of concern.  Our state of the art computer software reporting system is designed to simplify some of the more complicated aspects and functions within the home, including digital photos of issue items along with the narrative, making it easier for the homebuyer to not only make an educated decision about the pending purchase, but also to become better prepared to get the most out of their new home and the systems within.  As we all go to see the Doctor from time to time for a general check up, or physical, Anatomy Home Inspection Services draws that correlation from the medical world in Assessing the Health of Homes.  Whether the home is new or old, making sure it is healthy, well maintained, and performing as it is intended is as important to us as your health is to you..

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