The Benjamin Financial Group

The Benjamin Financial Group


The Benjamin Financial Group, Inc. is a wealth management and estate planning firm. Most advisors call themselves "wealth managers," no matter what their business type. Many are simply selling investment or insurance products. Wealth Management is a business model that entails offering a broad array of financial planning and investment-management services, using a consultative, educational approach and a network of specialists. Set aside prior opinions and preconceived notions about financial planning, and you will open yourself up to financial opportunities you may never thought obtainable.

Realtor® Benefits

A mortgage is a loan that is used to finance the purchase of a home. Lenders offer a wide range of loan products, and by working with Mortgage and Loan partners, Realtors® can help guide clients through the process to find the product that is best for their clients' needs.

Shop Realtor®


For Realtors®, each day presents an opportunity to cultivate client relationships. For new Realtors®, what’s that first step? Experienced Realtors® have likely developed successful strategies yet may not be familiar with the latest tools and industry practices that could propel them to greater levels of production. The Shop Realtor® concept offers pre-appointment solutions for every stage of a Realtor’s® career.

Before that first appointment, Shop Realtor® provides tools to help members prepare for a client meeting. Whether it’s a national property database, multiple listing service, marketplace statistics, a network of finance professionals, or presentation resources, Realtors® have access to facts, figures and connections that will make them the trusted local expert.