Realtors® can show clients around town while maintaining social distance by creating a UCPlaces “Where to Live” tour.

UCPlaces provides the platform upon which Realtors® can create narrated, GPS-led, fully-branded “Where to live” tours of the area in which they specialize, gaining exposure to potential prospects who get to know the neighborhood, as well as the Realtor®, as if they are driving in the same car.  Be their guide first, their agent later!

Tours are created for free on the UCPlaces platform, taken via freely downloadable smartphone app, and shared on the agent's website, social media posts or any other channel. Agents who sign up for UCPlaces membership receive an Expert badge, listing priority on the UCPlaces app and website, as well as the opportunity for Expert exclusivity in their defined region.

Heather Fitzpatrick has been a resident of Northern Virginia for most of her life and has been working with UCPlaces for nearly six months.  She truly enjoys helping Realtors® find new and innovative ways to generate leads and add value to existing relationships using technology to increase and enhance engagement. She was drawn to the experiential nature of UCPlaces tours and still delights in the technology every time she takes a new tour!   


Realtor® Benefits

UCPlaces offers:

-A new, innovative platform to introduce potential homebuyers to your neighborhood

-An effective lead-generation tool

-Tours that are branded to your business, linking to social media outlets and websites

-An opportunity for exclusivity in your area, edging out competitors

-An automatic answer to the “what’s great about this place” question

-Another terrific tool in an agent’s toolbox

-Tours can be made available in multiple languages

-Adhereance to social distancing guidelines


Shop Realtor®

On The Market

Whether representing a buyer or seller, Realtors® undertake hundreds of steps in a real estate transaction. Shop Realtor® competency solutions help them navigate the process from listing to closing.

Marketing and showing activities require access to and understanding of the latest lockbox tools and services, but there’s so much more. From sign posts to home staging services and open house products, Shop Realtor® provides on-the-market tools and affiliated professionals for every stage of the process. The association is committed to member safety, too, with access to dozens of resources that help to minimize risk while marketing and showing properties.