St. Josephs Statue

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●The St. Joseph Home Sale Practice is known as the age-old tradition of requesting the aide of St. Joseph while in the midst of selling one's home - To bury or not to bury, is inconsequential to the outward symbol of one's faith and prayer.

●Once prayers are answered, such as the sale of your home, it is important to proudly display your St. Joseph statue and share your story with others.

●Included are three professionally narrated leaflets giving an 'Introduction' explaining the 'Way of St. Joseph' and, most importantly, the Prayer Card.

●This product is proudly assembled at the Pioneer Center for Human Services, serving persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injuries.

●Measures 3 inches high; there is no guarantee of a sale; this is a legend that owes its' longevity to people turning to one's faith and prayer.


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