Door or Window Alarm

Item#: C5006


Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars (from Amazon)


●This Door Alarm with entry chime setting will alert you when clients are coming and going to your open house or at your office. Installs in seconds with self adhesive pads so you can remove without any damage.

●The alarm could also be helpful if there is a pool at the home you are showing and you want to hear if anyone has gone out to see it especially if there are any children at the showing.

●This can be installed on a door or window and is easy to change from off/chime/alarm.The alarm is a loud siren that is 120 dB, audible up to 750 feet (230M) away, will help deter intruders. The compact, magnetically triggered alarm sounds when window or door is opened. Has a low battery test button and the batteries are included.


Product Description

Item Weight: 1 pound