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Founded in 1998, Pollard Environmental, LLC has helped over 5,000 clients with issues regarding their petroleum storage tanks. We have earned a reputation for technical competence and excellent service.

Our company mission is to contribute to the responsible handling and storage of petroleum products in Virginia, thereby protecting property and reducing the amount and impact of petroleum released to the environment.

We strive to accomplish this mission by providing:

• Education for real estate professionals and others on the considerations and responsibilities associated with petroleum storage tanks;

• Environmental liability consultation services regarding petroleum storage tanks;

• Leakage testing of underground petroleum storage tanks and associated consultation services; and

• Cost-effective solutions, including accessing financial assistance where applicable, to properly address leaking and/or abandoned petroleum storage tanks, to minimize risk to property and human health.


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The Environmental Services Partners are responsible for maintaining a safe, clean and sanitary environment. Environmental Services include water testing, home inspection, certification, radon testing and mitigation services.


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Maintain a safe, eco-friendly home with environmental service partners that protect the property from dangerous or unsafe conditions like mold or radon.