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Our company philosophy is: To provide you with enough information about the property so that you can make a good financial decision!

●Abode Check performs Pre Drywall, Pre sale and Pre purchase inspections as well as Radon Gas testing.

●The purchase of a home will likely be the single largest investment decision you will make in your life time. This is during the same basic time period when you have the least amount of excess disposable income. You need to know what potential repairs or replacement items will be needed; this information will help you plan or budget for these contingencies.

●A home inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the property, its subsystems and major appliances. It is a non-destructive evaluation which does not include the dismantling of equipment or subsystems. Our home inspectors will point out problems and explain them to you. We will also show you the many good points of the property. We will explain routine maintenance items to help keep your house in top condition. We will identify and tag the major shut off valves, sewer clean outs, and evaluate the electrical panel for proper wire/circuit breaker sizes, bonding, and other electrical issues.

●When you select Abode Check you will have Fernando Barrientos, a highly qualified certified master inspector*  working for you. You should expect that the inspection will last about three hours or slightly longer, depending the age of the property, complexity of the house, and the number of questions you ask! The inspection is generally finished when you, and the house say it is finished!

●We strongly encourage you to accompany the inspector during the inspection; dress casually and, if possible, leave the children with a friend! Ask a lot of questions and, above all else, be sure that you understand the information provided. This process is designed to give you as much information about the property, and the knowledge on how to operate each system and appliance as we can in this limited time period.

●When you have a full inspection, you will receive a 20-plus page report and an illustrated instruction book on “How to Operate Your House”. Armed with all the information provided during the inspection and in our report, you will be better prepared to make an educated decision about buying this house.

 *Note: Virginia State Certified

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