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Check out Caveat REALTOR®, a podcast from the Virginia REALTORS® legal team. You’ll be able to listen on the go with this entertaining (and informative) format of legal updates. Now available through iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and GooglePlay. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate!


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Shop Realtor® has solutions for realizing a member’s potential. Through conferences, trade shows, events, forums and summits, there are opportunities to engage with and learn from a community of professionals, industry experts and thought-leaders. NVAR is the Realtor’s® local connection to the 400+ staff-member resources of the three-part Realtor® association network. With classes and programs focused on developing Realtor® skills and expertise, NVAR is a business partner to rely on. Professional designations and elective continuing education are included in the packed programming calendar that fuels industry I.Q. The Shop Realtor® menu of in-store and online publications shares the latest professional development strategies to keep Realtors® operating at peak performance in a highly competitive marketplace.